Location APIs

Geocoda’s Location API makes it simple to get details about a location, whether you have the location’s address or coordinates. Easily embed location information in your app using a single call.

A Ruby gem is currently available for Ruby developers, and other client libraries are in development. However, we’ve designed the API to be simple enough to use without a client library, as shown in the examples below. You can also refer to the complete API documentation.

Combined with the Storage service, Geocoda’s Location service gives you a solid base for location-enabling your app.

Geocoding API

The Geocoding API performs address lookups on U.S. addresses and returns the latitude and longitude of the address, plus other details about the location in JSON format. With a single HTTP call, the Geocoding API lets you transform this:

Address: 77 Massachusetts Avenue 02139

Into this:

Neighborhood: MIT
County: Middlesex
City: Cambridgeport
State: MA
Census Tract: 353102
Longitude: -71.094265
Latitude: 42.359739

The code is this simple (C# Example):

GeocodaClient objGeocodaClient = new GeocodaClient(apiKey);
objGeocodaClient.LookupCoordinates("77 Massachusetts Avenue, Cambridge, MA 02139");


Coordinate Lookup API

The Coordinate Lookup API allows you to get details about a location if you only have the latitude and longitude coordinates of the location. This is especially useful if your mobile OS provides you with user’s current coordinates and you want to find out more about where the user is. Geocoda lets you transform this:

Latitude: 33.756907
Longitude: -84.388116

Into this:

Neighborhood: Five Points
County: Fulton
State: GA
Census Tract: 011900

Using code this simple (C# Example):

GeocodaClient objGeocodaClient = new GeocodaClient(apiKey);
objGeocodaClient.LookupAddress(33.756907, -84.388116);

Examples have been condensed for brevity. Please see the API documentation for complete samples.